Past Exhibitions 2014


After Glow - Greg Daly

Skepsi @ Malvern 16-30 March 2014

An exhibition of brilliant lustre ceramics by a master artist, that capture the changing beauty of the light - at sunrise and sunset, through clouds, rain, mist, dust and heat, and the quality of the landscape around his home.

'To me, light and lustre have a synergy that creates astonishing colour and movement. As you move around the work, the different angles of light striking the surface will change the colour and intensity of the lustre. The nature of the light too will have a remarkable affect on the colour and tone of the glaze, as the spectrum of natural light outside will be very different to the artificial light in a gallery or home. Lustre is as much a product of its surroundings as the glaze recipe and firing process.

 Walking from home to the studio and back each day, I see light through mist, rain, clouds, sunrise, sunset, dust, heat and the moment as the sun goes down, that after glow that changes for just a moment the land and sky. This is what has inspired me to return to exploring lustre glazes once again, after 20 years.' Greg Daly

Ouiet Conversations

Skepsi @ Montsalvat 16-30 August 2014

Exceptional Australian Ceramics by 56 renowned and early career artists that will intrigue, engage and inspire. Artists – Susan Acheson, Garry Bish, Ruth Andell, Julie Bartholomew, Robert Barron, Kevin Boyd, Arnaud Barraud, Sandra Black, Kwirak Choung, Cheryl Burgess, Jacqueline Clayton, Greg Daly, Paul Davis, Janet DeBoos, Rowley Drysdale, John Dermer, John Eagle, Victor Greenaway, Tatiana Gvozdetskaya, John Ferguson, Su Hanna, Simone Fraser, Natasha Hosny, Steve Harrison, Terunobu Hirata, Janetta Kerr-Grant, Irianna Kanellopoulou, Amy Kennedy, Helen Martin, Brian Keyte, Milton Moon, Sandy Lockwood, Chris Myers, Chester Nealie, Kim-Anh Nguyen, Gail Nichols, Susan Robey, David Pottinger, Jane Sawyer, Tania Rollond, Bill Samuels, Owen Rye, Steve Sheridan, Stewart Scambler, Amanda Shelsher, Fleur Schell, Barry Singleton, Avital Sheffer, Ted Secombe, Mitsuo Shoji, Hiroe Swen, Dean Smith, Vipoo Srivilasa, Prue Venables, Kenji Uranishi, Kirk Winter.


Fluid - Brian Keyte

Gifted 2014 & new porcelain works by Tania Rollond

Skepsi @ Malvern 15-30 November 2014

Fluid - Brian Keyte
Presenting fluidity and liquid movement, through skillful, meticulous forms and incredible complexity of glaze - an amazing and beautiful ceramic exhibition.

A Flickering Moment - new porcelain works by Tania Rollond

'Gifted' 2014 - to give or to keep - new porcelain works by Tania Rollond, ceramics by 15 ceramic artists and a collection of jewellery by renowned jeweller, Marylyn Verstraeten. Also featured, a collection of unique, limited edition prints from a private collection, artists include: Jorg Schmeisser, Jenny Gameson, Kevin Murray, Peter Allen.