Exhibition: Kirk Winter & Yuri Wiedenhofer

Exceptional, distinctive wood fired ceramics by gifted and sought after Artists

Date: 30 June - 15 July, 2018

Location: Malvern Artists' Society Gallery, 1297 High Street Malvern Victoria

Gallery Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 11am - 5.30pm

Kirk Winter“The multitude of surfaces, natural colour palette, layers and windows of dry matte, satin and occasional gloss are the results which bring me the most interest. I enjoy the textures, the roughness, even the scars. They are honest.  Testament to a natural process, opposing a commercial industrial aesthetic.  It is working with nature and accepting it, rather than dominating."

Yuri Wiedenhofer - "This whole business of torching art after the original composition, to give voice to greater risk, is where I still find the thrill and spills. Imagine a canvas in the final act, unquestionably subsumed in raging fire for completion, or a book? Sacrilege!"

Special Workshop: Kirk Winter & Yuri Wiedenhofer, Sunday 8th July 2018, Malvern Artists' Society Studio, Malvern Vic. More details >>

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