Past Exhibitions 2013


Harmony of Difference - Owen Rye, Brian Keyte, Tim Clarkson

Skepsi @ Montsalvat 6-20 April 2013

Exhibition of exciting and diverse ceramics by three highly talented artists - a renowned master wood firer, a brilliant mid career artist and a promising early career artist.

Owen Rye - I have explored variations of vessels, some useful in relation to food, some useful in relation to pondering. The kiln creates variety of surface, I present it with a variety of form to assist diversity.

Brian Keyte - My work is informed by nature’s design rules. These rules establish a sound foundation for my forms and glazing. I proceed to bend or even break them to achieve a piece that feels ‘right’. 

Tim Clarkson - The distortion of a form, demonstrates how things can be changed and altered and still manage to retain their original essence. I use Japanese origami inspired forms, as a canvas to express thoughts and ideas.

Essentials for the Domestic Goddess

Skepsi @ Whitehorse Arts Space 27 June - 3 August 2013

The beauty and complexity of functional ceramics is celebrated in this exhibition which features current works by Sony Manning, Jacqueline Clayton, Jane Sawyer, Sue Acheson, Janetta Kerr-Grant, Owen Rye, Chester Nealie, Kevin Boyd, John Dermer, Ted Secombe, Paul Davis, Brian Keyte, Steven Sheridan, Arnaud Barraud, and includes historical ceramics from the Whitehorse Art Space Collection.

Expressions of Self, Australian Ceramics Excellence

Skepsi @ Montsalvat 31 August - 15 September 2013

An exhibition showcasing outstanding Australian Ceramics by 51 artists. Susan Acheson, Arnaud Barraud, Robert Barron, Sandra Black, Roderick Bamford, Garry Bish, Kevin Boyd, Tim Clarkson, Jacqueline Clayton, Paul Davis, Greg Daly, Janet DeBoos, John Eagle, John Dermer, John Ferguson, Phil Elson, Simone Fraser, Victor Greenaway, Tatiana Gvozdetskaya, Su Hanna, Natasha Hosny, Irianna Kanellopoulou, Janetta Kerr-Grant, Amy Kennedy, Sandy Lockwood, Brian Keyte, Helen Martin, Sony Manning, Jeff Mincham, Milton Moon, Chris Myers, Chester Nealie, Kim-Anh Nguyen, Gail Nichols, Bruce Nuske, Tania Rollond, Owen Rye, Peter Rushforth, Bill Samuels, Jane Sawyer, Steve Sheridan, Fleur Schell, Ted Secombe, Mitsuo Shoji, Barry Singleton, Dean Smith, Kevin White, Prue Venables, Maria Vanhees, Graeme Wilkie, Kirk Winter.
Featuring a wood fire workshop by Owen Rye on the grounds of Montsalvat, raku firing demonstration by Kevin and Tim Boyd, and wheel throwing demonstrations by Brian Keyte and Ted Secombe.

Three Directions - Paintings by Chris Major, Jane Fitzherbert and Joke Frijlink

Skepsi @ Malvern 16-30 November 2013

Chris Major - I like to work with layers of colour and line, using familiar shapes, patterns and symbols to achieve a pleasing composition.

Jane Fitzherbert - Experimenting with different mediums and changing moods and colours of my immediate environment, impact on my work.

Joke Frijlink - I am inspired by: light, dark, angles, shapes and movement, atmospheric landscapes and love for the figure.

Gifted, Artist Made for Christmas to give or to keep

Skepsi @ Malvern 1-8 December 2013

Sue Acheson, Arnaud Barraud, Robert Barron, Kevin Boyd, Cheryl Burgess, John Eagle, Phil Elson, John Ferguson, Terunobu Hirata, Brian Keyte, Chester Nealie, Gail Nichols, Owen Rye, Ted Secombe, Steve Sheridan, Kirk Winter.