Past Exhibitions 2017


Greg Daly - Atmosphere

Skepsi @ Malvern March 4-19, 2017

There is a big sky outside my studio. A big sky full of atmosphere, whose colour and texture is constantly changing. The work in this show holds distillations of these ephemeral images. Greg Daly

“Throughout the year, I see light through mist, rain, dust, smoke, heat haze and cloud. Moon light, first light, fading light, sunset and that instant, just as the sun goes down, an after glow that for just a moment changes the land and sky. This is what has inspired me to exploring lustre glazes.” Greg Daly.

Greg Daly is a key figure within Australian Ceramics and internationally. He has a prolific exhibition profile (over 80 solo exhibitions since 1975) and acquisitions in prestigious collections, including the Victorian and Albert Museum UK and the Faenza Ceramic Museum Italy. He has made a significant contribution to the education of ceramics through his role as Head of Ceramics at ANU School of Art and is a writer of seminal books on ceramics, his latest book Lustre is published by A & C Black London.


Milton Moon - A Potter's Pilgrimage

Skepsi @ Montsalvat, April 8-23, 2017

Milton Moon AM, has, through his distinctive and innovative ceramic work inspired generations of ceramic artists and attracted many collectors in Australia and overseas both public and private. This exhibition of current and past works - ceramics and paintings, will be beautiful to view, informative, inspirational and thought provoking.

Milton Moon's distinctive career includes the rare award 'Member of Honour of the International Academy of Ceramics' in 2015, and recipient of 'A Lifetime Achievement Award' from the Premier of South Australia in 2013. He has also authored a number of important books.

Milton states:
"I am grateful for my life as a potter, although there are many other more useful things I could or should have done. I confess I have learned to understand myself a little better through this occupation. After all pottery is a human art, a useful art. Sometimes it might seem to say nothing special, but more often it says it all."


Owen Rye - Masala

Skepsi @ Malvern, 17 June - 2 July 2017

Exceptional wood fired ceramics by this renowned artist and author

Artist: Owen Rye. In Pakistan, where Owen Rye worked years ago, 'Masala' is a word meaning mixture of spices.

"My work had been gradually changing over the past few years and this exhibition is a mix of new and old. There is work from my very last Anagama firing, over Easter 2017. There is work from my new small wood fired kiln; I have been learning the potential of this for a few years now. And there is work fired in my gas kiln which I have been using to explore new glaze effects. This takes me back to my beginnings as a student when I was fascinated with glazes. 'Masala' represents a time of transition. The mixture is there - hope the spice shows through", Owen Rye.



Skepsi @ Montsalvat, 17 June - 2 July 2017

Contemporary Australian Ceramics - Presence of Self

Skepsi Gallery presents Identity, an exhibition of outstanding ceramics by 47 established and early career Artists from around Australia. This exhibition showcases individual expression in the medium of ceramics through diverse, inventive and accomplished work. Each artwork offers an invitation into the character of its creator.

Artists: Ted Secombe, Janet Beckhouse, Stewart Scambler, Sandy Lockwood, Simone Fraser, Chester Nealie, Greg Daly, Su Hanna, Arnaud Barraud, Peter Pilven, Barry Singleton, Brian Keyte, Kwirak Choung, Chris Myers, Prue Venables, Kirk Winter, Marianne Huhn, John Ferguson, Diana Williams, Lynne McDowell, Ruby Pilven, Susan Robey, Jack Balfour, Amy Kennedy, John Daly, Dianne Peach, Damon Moon, Kevin Boyd, Terunobu Hirata, Phil Elson, Owen Rye, Tim Clarkson, Craig Hoy, Janetta Kerr-Grant, Petrus Spronk, Victor Greenaway, David Pottinger, Robert Barron, Euan Craig, Janet DeBoos, John Dermer, Milton Moon, Mitsuo Shoji, Kevin White, Paul Davis, Tania Rollond, Jane Sawyer.


Tania Rollond - New Songs  &  Amy Kennedy - Ebb & Flow

Skepsi @ Malvern, 23 September - 8 October 2017

Skepsi Gallery presents an exceptional collection of outstanding recent ceramics by Tania Rollond and Amy Kennedy, two highly talented, innovative and collected Artists.

Tania Rollond - The idea of weaving new songs from old, of traces and fragments coalescing into a new whole, has been my companion as I made these new works.

Amy Kennedy - In these new works, I strive to capture sensations of energy and motion, guided by my experiences in landscapes near and far.


Tim Clarkson - The Fleeting Moment

Gifted 2017... to give or to keep

Skepsi @ Malvern, 18 Nov - 3 Dec 2017

Skepsi Gallery presents an exceptional collection of outstanding recent ceramics by Tim Clarkson and a diverse collection of works by 16 Artists in Gifted 2017.

Tim Clarkson - 'This current body of work explores capturing movement, or more specifically…. the fleeting moment. Although the work as a whole is cohesive, each piece has its own underlying story to tell.'

Gifted 2017 - Artists include: Arnaud Barraud, Brian Keyte, Janet Beckhouse, Marianne Huhn, John Dermer, Barry Singleton, Diana Williams, Kevin Boyd, Ted Secombe, Petrus Spronk, Owen Rye, Marylyn Verstraeten, Kirk Winter, Phil Elson, Terunobu Hirata, Jack Balfour.