Past Exhibitions 2016



Ted Secombe - Pursuit of Beauty

Skepsi @ Manningham Art Gallery, 2 - 24 March 2016

Pursuit of Beauty… after 35 years of creating works in clay, I am still relentless in the pursuit of beauty in the objects I create. Ted Secombe

Talented, accomplished and highly respected, Ted Secombe is regarded as one of Australia's significant ceramic artists. This exhibition of beautiful, captivating, intriguing ceramics and sculpture, illustrates the brilliance of this renowned artist.

Quietude ... remembering Peter Rushforth

Australian Wood Fired Ceramics - 34 Artists

Skepsi @ Montsalvat, 14 - 29 May 2016

Owen Rye, Milton Moon, Chester Nealie, Robert Barron, Don Court, Bill Samuels, Graeme Wilkie, John Dermer, Judy Boydell, Roswitha Wulff, Barbara Campbell-Allen, Ray Cavill, Len Cook, Arthur Rosser, Carol Rosser, Petrus Spronk, Su Hanna, Sandy Lockwood, Alistair Whyte, Sergei Shatrov, Steve Williams, Kwirak Choung, Kirk Winter, Yuri Wiedenhofer, Paul Davis, Stewart Scambler, Ian Jones, Steve Harrison, Rowley Drysdale, Malcolm Greenwood, Simon Reece, Janine King, Euan Craig, Zak Chalmers.

This exhibition by 34 leading Australian Wood Firers and the accompanying catalogue, contained stories and memories of Peter Rushforth by artists, friends and past students. Included in the exhibition was a display of past work by Peter Rushforth, on loan from private collections.

Distinctive - The Celebrated Elder Turns Ninety

38 Ceramic Artists Acknowledge Milton Moon

Skepsi @ Montsalvat, 3-18 September 2016

Milton Moon, Owen Rye, Chester Nealie, Janet DeBoos, Prue Venables, Mitsuo Shoji, Tania Rollond, Ted Secombe, Jane Sawyer, Victor Greenaway, Simone Fraser, Gail Nichols, Greg Daly, John Dermer, Janet Beckhouse, Robert Barron, Kirk Winter, Barry Singleton, Amy Kennedy, Liz Williams, Arnaud Barraud, Johanna DeMaine, Kevin Boyd, Kenji Uranishi, Euan Craig, Susan Robey, Brian Keyte, Terunobu Hirata, Diana Williams, John Ferguson, Maria Vanhees, Craig Hoy, Irianna Kanellopoulou, Dianne Peach, Greg Crowe, Janetta Kerr-Grant, John Daly.

Jacques Miller, Moments - the Nude and Ballet

Gifted 2016... To give or to keep

Skepsi @ Malvern, 19 November - 4 December 2016

Gallery 1
Moments - the Nude and Ballet, spontaneous life studies in brush and Indian ink by renowned Professor Jacques Miller. "I use brush and ink because they enable me to be precise, direct and expressive, to control the shape of the line, the weight, the movement, the light and shadow. I strive to obtain the maximum effect with an economy of line."

Gallery 2
Gifted 2016… exceptional ceramics by established and early career Artists - Ted Secombe, Kirk Winter, Craig Hoy, Terunobu Hirata, Owen Rye, John Dermer, Tania Rollond, Steve Sheridan, Amy Kennedy, Kevin Boyd, Arnaud Barraud, Brian Keyte. Jewellery and small bronzes by the highly respected Marylyn Verstraeten.