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Having an interest in unique earth materials, and incorporating an individual way of using a seemingly primitive kiln firing technique in practice, the notion of balance between form and surface evolve accordingly. Difficulties and joyful moments arise and diminish. The contradictory nature of art practice is reminiscent of our daily lives. I believe wood fired pots can display a simple yet infinite, direct yet subtle and unassuming counter poised beauty.

Born Korea. Initial training, National Art School 1998; Monash University, MA by research, 2002; residency at Sturt Pottery Mittagong 1999, 2012. Studied Literature, and lived in Korea until arriving in Australia in 1993. Currently practicing his art in Sydney; teaching at the National Art School and the Workshop Arts Centre. Exhibitions include: solo and invitational group exhibitions throughout Australia. Collections include: public and private collections in Australia and overseas. Publications include: articles in Ceramics Technical; The Log Book; Monthly Korean Ceramics.

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