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I love the elemental dance of wood firing and the gentle, natural beauty it imbues. From fast fire and anagama kilns in Bendigo to firing the noborigama  kilns of National Living Treasures in Mashiko, Japan, I learned to trust nature as a partner in creating beautiful works of functional art.

Born Melbourne Victoria. Initial training, Bendigo TAFE College, T.O.P Art and Design, 1981; Latrobe University Bendigo, BA Arts, Ceramic Design, 1985. Career highlights: Winner of the Kamel Kilns Ceramics Award, 1984; established Studio Pottery in Swan Hill, Australia, 1985. In 1990 moved to Japan. Apprenticed to Tatsuzo Shimaoka, National Living Treasure, Mashiko, 1991. In 1994 established independent pottery and wood fire kiln, Mashiko. Moved kiln and studio to Minakami Japan, 2011. Euan has held numerous solo and group exhibitions, taught workshops and summer schools and presented at art conferences and forums in Japan, Australia, UK and Europe. He and his work have featured in many publications, television and radio in Japan. He has also written articles for ceramic and art publications in Japan, Australia, US, UK and Europe. Euan is a member of The Australian Ceramics Association and The Japan Mingei Association.

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