Drysdale Rowley, Spherical Vessel, stoneware, iron glazes, side fired on sea shells, wood fired, H36 x W35 x H35cm, 2015.jpg
Rowley Drysdale, Inward Orb, H28 x W32 x D32cm.jpg

I am attracted to art where material might well have won the day - or at least competed well. I want at least some physical components of an artwork to speak up, argumentatively or not. I don't want to see control all over the work, or too much torture, but a little bit of extremism is good. I want to see chance and the human hand shaking.

Born Queensland. Initial training, self-taught. Post Graduate studies and Master of Arts (Research) Monash University 1997. Works primarily in ceramics, sculpture and mixed media assemblages. Practice spans three decades, primary interest, wood fired ceramics, utilising glaze on functional, traditional form, and unique high fired glazes. A published author, has edited and contributed to ceramic art journals and magazines, worldwide. Exhibitions include: solo and invitational group exhibitions throughout Australia and overseas: Japan, Korea, China, Malaysia, Singapore and New Zealand. Advocate for handmade objects, craftsmanship and innovation, and an outspoken commentator on the way ceramic art is being reported to the broader society. In 2000, established Quixotica Artspace on the Sunshine Coast, designed and constructed small art precinct consisting of studios, kilns, gallery and buildings for hosting artists and cultural activities. Artist, qualified journalist, published poet, short story writer and teacher at East Coast TAFE.

Rowley Drysdale mark.jpg