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The ubiquitous nature of the vessel has meant that I can start a dialogue with the viewer from a familiar perspective. My work has many influences from the macro of landscape to the micro of surface. I accentuate the malleability of the clay through the use of vigorous expressionist finger-markings sometimes piecing the wall of the form. The work is coil thrown and then layered with coloured liquid clays (slips). Finally a “water colour” thin layer of dry glaze is applied which pools highlighting the nuances of the surface. The work is fired up to three times to 1200c.

Born Cape Town, South Africa. Initial training, Canberra School of Art, 1981. Represented in the National Gallery of Australia; regional galleries throughout Australia; the International Modern Pot Art Museum, Yixing, China; numerous private and corporate collections. Exhibitions include: over 80 solo and invitational group exhibitions, national and international. Publications include: articles by Merran Esson (Artist Profile (current) and New Ceramics - The European ceramic magazine); John McDonald Art Critic (Sydney Morning Herald); Nola Anderson (Craft Arts International) and Brett Ballard and Alan Peascod (Ceramics Art and Perception). Simone Fraser graduated from the Canberra School of Art in 1981. She completed post graduate studies at Monash University in 2001. Simone has taught extensively in many tertiary institutions and is currently lecturing at the National Art School in Sydney.

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