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The glaze palette for my work has been primarily dry matte black and red glazes. My art has often been considered severe and uncompromising, sometimes even minimalist. Recently I have introduced both dry and shiny glazes with interchangeable colour scheme of red, white, black and yellow. I am currently exploring the interplay between shiny and matte glazes, which giving my work an additional interpretation by allowing the sculptured to evolve further. What I am attempting to do is to develop an elemental ‘language’, my sculptural, geometric forms express my ideas and feelings about life, art, and existence.

Born Kasakstan, arrived Australia 1990. Initial training, Diploma of Arts, Ceramics, Box Hill Institute of TAFE, 2002-04. Group exhibitions include: Expressions of Self, Skepsi at Montsalvat, Melbourne, 2013; Arresting, Skepsi at Malvern Gallery, Melbourne, 2011; Stirring, Skepsi On Swanston, Melbourne, 2009; Under/Over, Gallery M, South Melbourne, 2006. Awards include: Winner, Energy Central Queensland Art Award, Rockhampton Regional Gallery, 2010; Winner Pat Emery Award, 2007; 12 times finalist in award exhibitions national and international; Diploma of Honor, 9th International Ceramics Competition Mino, Japan; Diploma of Honor, Gyeonggi international Biennale, Korea, 2011; Diploma in Recognition, Outstanding Achievement in Ceramic Art, Taiwan Ceramics Biennale, 2012. Collections include: Rockhampton Regional Gallery, Queensland; Bendigo Art Gallery Victoria; Gangjin Art Gallery, South Korea; Ceramica  Multiplex  Art, Croatia. Publications include: articles in Ceramic Art and Perception, Journal of Australian Ceramics, Ceramics Magazine Europe.

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