Owen Rye 2018.JPG
Owen Rye, Fat Jar, stoneware, woodfired, H38cm.jpg

The woodfired pot requires a sensory response rather than an intellectual one just as those attuned to such things will respond to a mossy stone in a damp corner of a rainforest, or a dry sandy desert dune. It is a poetic offering rather than a logical clear-cut one; at its best it asks the questions of us that we may find difficult to answer. It can have a richness not shared with the type of ceramic that we can read entirely at a glance. This motivates me to make this kind of work. 

Born Cooma NSW. Initial training, University of NSW, Ivan McMeekin, 1962-4. Has worked in many aspects of ceramics including archaeology, teaching undergraduate and supervising postgraduate students, making and exhibiting wood fired work in Australia and internationally, delivering workshops on wood firing in Australia and overseas, curating exhibitions, organising conferences. The author of two books on archaeological ceramics and The Art of Wood fire, published in 2011. He has contributed over 60 articles to Australian and international ceramics magazines including exhibition and book reviews and many catalog essays and conference papers here and overseas. Editorial Advisor, Ceramics Art and Perception. His work has received international and Australian awards, and is represented in public collections in USA, China, Korea, Germany, France, and Australian National, State and Regional Galleries, private and corporate collections. Member of the International Academy of Ceramics.