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Bill Samuels, ‘8’, H9 x W14cm, 2013.JPG

Ceramics is an interesting medium for an artist. Technique and technology are essential pillars that underpin the making process, but on their own, make only a minor contribution to the real spirit of the work. In a recent conversation with an old mate, he asked about my “approach” to glaze technology - we both laughed. I didn’t think he was serious as he knew I had only used one glaze recipe over the past 30 something years. Sure I dabbled occasionally with other glazes, without success, as I still feel I haven’t exhausted the possibilities of that ‘one glaze’ let alone ‘master’ it!  That topic of conversation fizzled out, and we moved on to something far more interesting, “what is it that artists really do?”

Born Sydney NSW. Initial training, National Art School, Sydney 1968, teachers were Peter Rushforth and Mollie Douglas. Started as painter with an interest in clay, slowly changed to working with clay with an interest in painting. Introduction to ceramics was through making wood fired raku pots 1960. 1966 started professional career. 1976, part time teaching, Canberra School of Art, resigned 1988 to returned to full time studio work. 1997, appointed Head of Ceramics, National Art School, retired 2009. 1969, built first stoneware wood fired kiln and has fired with wood ever since. 1994 was awarded Australia Council for the Arts Fellowship; 2004, awarded Medal, Clay Modern at the National Ceramics Conference. Participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions and has been awarded travelling scholarships. Represented in public and private collections throughout the world. Currently lives in Blackheath, built new studio in Hartley Valley, Blue Mountains.

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