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I take inspiration from the intimate connection to the landscape made through finding, processing and utilising local clays and rocks, and transforming them by fire into vessels or objects which may make a contribution to the pleasure of our daily lives. My work reflects my traditional roots and is made in stoneware and porcelain clay. The bulk of my work showcases celadon glazes, which are based on rocks prospected in Central West N.S.W. I also make a white glaze sourced from Ming white analyses, using a porcelain clay dug from the hillside at Mittagong by Ivan McMeekin over 50 years ago. For me, the quiet beauty of a celadon glazed pot still speak as powerfully today as it did 800 years ago. The soft and luminous glow generated by the subdued colours and opaque depth of a good celadon glaze provides a strong touchstone of beauty, connectivity and contemplative tactility.

Born Central West of NSW. Initial training, workshop apprenticeship with Kevin Grealy in Brisbane, 1979, followed by working period with Gwyn Piggott. Returned to Sydney to assist Ivan McMeekin. Training background: architecture at Sydney University; Landscape Construction in Brisbane. His fascination with Chinese ceramics led him to visit China in 1984, enroute to London to continue study of Chinese antiquities, in particular, celadon glazes. After the 1986 ACPP Conference in Beijing in 1986, he returned to the UK to take up a teaching position at Bryanston School in Dorset, becoming Head of Art in 1996. Back in Australia since 1998, Steve has established his workshop in the Blue Mountains of NSW. His primarily interest is fine porcelain and stoneware for the table, focussing on the use of celadon glazes that keep alive the long tradition of a quiet beauty to enhance our domestic pleasure.

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