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Using porcelain as a base for my work allows me to extend my imagination and give it concrete and lasting form. The ability to bring the inert to life and to transcend limitations of time and culture provides inspiration for my creativity and an opportunity for imaginative, technological experimentation.

Born Germany, migrated to Australia 1960. Initial training: self taught, started art in 1989. In 2000 formed the ACT On-glaze Artists’ Association to promote over-glaze painting while the spotlight was on Canberra for the Centenary of Federation. In 2001 developed and organized a 3-month exhibition and intense educational program called ‘Porcelain Art into the New Millennium’ held at Canberra Museum & Gallery curated by Director Peter Haynes. The event promoted Australian artists and porcelain over-glaze decoration as a major artform and was an Australian first. In 2004, travelled to Jingdezhen, China. Worked for 14 years in the studio of Professor Liu Yuanchang, one of China’s ‘Great Sculpting Masters’ where she studied sculpture and exhibited with the Masters. Exhibited solo at the Legislative Assembly Gallery, Canberra in 2005 and at Australian Embassy Gallery in Washington DC in 2008. Final 2018 series High Fired Motherhood is presently exhibiting at the Jingdezhen China Ceramic Museum. Represented in international Art fairs, participated in exhibitions with Beirut Art & United Nations in Lebanon, Korea, and in exhibitions in Australia. Collections: Australian War Memorial, Australian Embassy, Washington DC, Canberra Museum & Gallery, Politburo China, Ahmanson Collection USA and other private collections worldwide. Media: featured in art/craft journals nationally and internationally and in a documentary on China Central Television.

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